Nordica-Villan sp. z o.o. a Polish producer specialising in building Scandinavian low energy houses with own developments as well as suppliers of very energy efficient Timber Frame Houses for other Developers and for Self Builders.
The “Nordica Villan Houses” are acknowledged to be along the market leaders, as the type of construction most likely to give the highest levels of energy efficiency in housing. We build our houses air tight and offer an air pressure test for you with the blower door system when we deliver the building turn key finished.

Why timber ?

It has long been recognised that this method of construction extends the energy efficiency and comfort of the home environment far beyond that achievable from traditional construction. Other major advantages are however sometimes overlooked. The fact that far more of the home is built in factory quality controlled facilities, leaves much less of the work to be done on site. This leads to shorter building periods with the in built advantage of lower finance requirements and less frustration with the house moving process. There is only a minimum of energy required to “dry out” the home after completion. Another saving to the owners pocket, yet not considered by many, as it is a hidden cost not easily recognised. The massive energy savings achievable on production, transportation and building are clearly identified and speak for themselves.

Fast Construction!

“Today's people” building their own houses no longer need to plan projects which will take years to complete. The faster a project is completed the lower its costs and the benefits are more than just financial. The Houses can be build to Scandinavian specifications, or as required. With Nordica-Villan the house is normally built and roofed water tight in 3/4 days. The timber used by Nordica Villan Sp. z o.o. can either be Swedish, Norwegian or Polish and is specially selected and has a low moisture of 16 % (+/-1%). As the house is erected quickly, bricklayers, roofers, plumbers and electricians are all in a position to commence within hours of the erection being completed. Plumbers and electricians find further savings in time due to the large service cavity in the “Nordica-Villan System” and with all ceilings counter battened, drilling, notching, etc, is virtually eliminated. The “Scandinavian low energy houses” are the best all round.

The “Nordica Villan System”

The Nordica-Villan Houses have been developed with specific consideration given to conservation of energy and convenience of application. The incorporation of the service cavity has produced an ideal space for concealing electrical wiring, heating and domestic pipe work. It also affords the opportunity of extra insulation giving even greater benefits in heat retention. The concept of this system has incorporated technical advantages over normal methods of manufacture. Building regulations now require a maximum U Value of 0.45 for walls in the UK. We at Nordica Villan design our houses far more efficient than this, with our standard wall sections some 60% lower, therefore a more comfortable environment is achieved at greatly reduced energy consumption. We are proud to be one of the few companies in Poland that can offer you, a 3 litre House (30 kWh/m2a), which also means that you only use 3 m3 Gas per m2a, or 3 litre oil per m2a. The SAP energy rating in the UK for our houses will be 100!

Triple pane H - windows

We are using windows of one of Scandinavian's leading window manufacturers. The frames are exclusively made in wood. The fully reversible windows are the best alternative, because the windows can be opened and turned all the way (approx. 180 degrees) around without bumping flowerpots or curtains. Triple glazed to maximise heat retention, the windows used are probably the most sensible windows available. The windows are lockable in two positions, so burglars don't have a chance. Catches are also childproof.

External doors

High quality insulated Swedish external doors from a 70 year old operating company which open outwards for greater energy efficiency. Outside air pressure forces the door onto the seals and aids heat retention. Internal doors internal door sets are the result of the most rigorous efforts and stringent tests to produce what is probably the most highly developed internal door set available today. These symmetrical door systems offer a cost effective, high quality solution to the UK construction industry. Unlike traditional methods Nordica-Villan provides a fully integrated frame and door system complete with necessary components - all are machined to a perfect finish and can be assembled and fixed in under 20 minutes using only simple tools and a level. The on-site cost savings are obvious.


Solid Polish Beech wood is used for the staircase, but also British traditional designs available to suit your house style.


Complete heat pump unit which delivers heat “hot water” ventilation - recovery. The Fighter 315P is an exhaust air heat pump with built in exhaust air fan and an electrical boiler with indirect water heater. The Energy is recovered from the ventilation air and supplied to the boiler. The unit ventilates the house, supplies heat to the radiators and provides hot tap water. When the room air has passed through the heat pump, it is released. The temperature of the air is lower, since the heat pump has extracted the energy in the room air. The unit also has an automatic climate-controlled shut down function with outdoor and flow temperature sensors. The Fighter is microprocessor controlled. This makes it easy to operate, and ensures that the heat pump always runs as efficiently as possible. The Fighter is intended for radiator circuit designed for low temperatures, or for under floor heating.


Nordica-Villan Sp. z o.o. has exported homes into countries like i.e. Germany, United Kingdom and Norway. We are always open for new contacts. We can supply ex work, supply incl. transport, or supply and erect. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.