Windows / Doors


In the production of these windows, we use only spruce and pine, which are grown in non-polluted Scandinavian environment. In each stage of the creation of these products, we use restrictive standards concerning quality, and the health and safety of the user. Gluing eliminates internal stresses and prevents warping. The external layer of spruce guarantees longer durability of applied paint. The wing and window-frame and also the balcony door-frames are made of triple-glued, specially selected Scandinavian pine and spruce.


Full rotation, horizontal windows


Full rotation, horizontal windows ensures:
  • Simplified airing-out process.
  • The only window on the market which allows 180 degrees rotation, without contact with flowers and curtains.
Cleaning comfort:
  • Turning the window 180 degrees allows for safe and comfortable cleaning, without the danger of having to lean out of the window.
Effective Caulking:
  • The wing of the window is placed on the outside of the frame, and blowing wind additionally caulking the window.


Full Rotation, vertical window.


Windows are provided with:
  • The blockage which prevent children from opening the window.
  • Ventilator with rubber window-seal and filter which stops dust and insects.
  • Gradation slope limiter of the wing.
  • Shop windows, replaceable in large space window rooms.


Entrance door / Front door


  • Multiply construction of the door wing gives high coefficient of the thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Glued and impregnated frame.
  • Solid and straight hinges.
  • Protected by paint cast.
  • Doorstep is resistant against wear out.

Single doors


Double doors


Balcony doors - traditional and sliding

  • Opening outside.
  • Provided with blockage to make it possible to remain door in any (free) position.
  • With the solid lock that fits in three points.
  • Handels and locks on both sides.


Cross cuts